athletics / fitness

VIVOLearn when utilized for athletics and fitness revolutionizes the way we learn, practice, and play sports.  By providing relevant information during your activity, you can learn as you play.

In overall physical fitness and physical therapy, VIVOLEARN method uses simple mental representations that are optimized to your learning style to help you build and memorize important concepts in the order they should be learned.

no more stopping activity to use your smartwatch.

Why should you stop your activity to enjoy the benefits of your smartwatch?


Our technology puts the instruction right in line with where you're looking, so you can keep playing and improving without having to stop.

mental models

We use mental models to strengthen the neuronal pathways in your brain that help you develop a skill.  Mastering these simple concepts in the right order, and building off of each one for more complex skills is essential in becoming an expert in your field.

Mental models are especially beneficial for physical therapy and learning how to use your body properly.

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