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our story

I'm Joe Corcoran, Founder & CEO of  VIVOLEARN.  For my entire life, I've been passionate about figuring out the best ways to learn.

I invented the concept for VIVOLEARN last year while I was practicing playing the guitar.  In one of those eureka moments I thought, rather than keep reading my music and looking back at my hand to make the right adjustments (which as any guitar player knows how frustrating can be), what if the notes were right there where I needed them?

I realized that by putting my smartwatch on the inside of my wrist, and then rotating the display to line right up with the neck of the guitar I was playing, I was able to learn much more effectively and it honestly made practicing a lot more fun and engaging.

Smartwatches weren't being utilized in this particular way, so I did some research and filed my first patent on the technology.  I then spent the next year developing Wristruments for Guitar, and all of the other market specific applications that VIVOLEARN offers.


VIVOLEARN's mission is to optimize the way we learn by transforming how we use and interact with smartwatches in our every day lives.